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Elgris Technologies, Inc. releases XML Tools for EDA

Sonoma, CA June 1, 2000 Elgris Technologies, Inc.™ (Elgris) released today the completion of a suite of XML Interface Tools for EDA. XML (eXtensible Markup Language) defines a set of rules for writing markup languages. XML was used to define a markup language called EdaXML. The XML rules for EdaXML are defined in an XML Document Type Definition (DTD) called EdaXML.dtd. EdaXML.dtd can be inspected at http://www.Elgris.com/xml/dtds/EdaXML.dtd.

EdaXML is based on a comprehensive EXPRESS Information Model, the same information model used for designing EDIF V 4 0 0. EdaXML covers Schematics,Connectivity, PCB and MCM. This information model can be obtained from Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA), 2500 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22201.

Elgris released today XML translators for Mentor Graphics' DesignArchitect and Cadence OrCAD CApture. XML translators for Innoveda's Powerview/Workview and for Cadence Concept Schematic Capture will be released within 3 to 4 weeks. Elgris has simultaneously released tools for validating the XML output: An EdaXML viewer and free syntax and semantic checkers that can be downloaded today. Using XML is going to allow users to apply all the wealth of available XML free tools to EDA data: for publishing EDA symbols, PCB footprints, and whole EDA designs in a highly portable, web-oriented, neutral format. EdaXML is a natural complement to Si2's ECIX QuickData Specification: it is no longer necessary to have a subset of the EDA data, the user can combine ECIX QuickData Searchable attributes with an easy XML access to the real thing: real EDA symbol, real PCB footprints, etc. EdaXML will facilitate design collaboration over the Web using XML Web servers, provide true interoperability between various EDA databases and allow linking seamlessly designs on multiple EDA platforms.

About Elgris Technologies, Inc. (Elgris)

Elgris specializes in high quality Translators for the EDA market. It produces many of the XML and EDIF translators sold by companies like Mentor Graphics and Innoveda. Elgris is headquartered in Sonoma, California,(707) 996-3320.

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