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is your partner for all your needs in E-Government, E-Commerce, anti-corruption software and localization of any application. We also offer hardware/software consulting services and software outsourcing services. Note that e-tools is no longer involved in EDA Schematic Translators. That function is carried out by our sister company Elgris Technologies, Inc. (www.elgris.com ). However, e-tools continues to develop and support Liberty Parser and translators for CCS and ECSM. A release of CCS2ECSM translator is currently available on Synopsys TAP-in website (see in our News section).

For the core functions of an e-government, please, check the SmartGov folder. For borders control, passports control, visas management, please, review the GateKeeper folder. For documents tracking and office productivity metrics, you will find the information in the folder Documents.

For information and progress report on our National ID solution, look at the folder IDMaster.

The Blog area is for your convenience. We are interested in your feedback, your questions, your suggestions for new functions or new applications. Feel free to use the Blog area to communicate with other customers or with our staff.

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